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Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors – Basic and Advanced Imaging

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This musculoskeletal radiology course will help the learners gain knowledge of basic and advanced imaging of musculoskeletal tumors and related radiology reporting and data systems including ST-RADS and OT-RADS.

The imaging modalities will include radiographs, US, DECT, Dixon imaging and multiparametric MRI (DWI and perfusion MRI).

The learners will gain knowledge of both basic and advanced imaging features of the benign and malignant bone and soft tissue tumors, soft tissue and bone lesions mimicking neoplasia, with common and uncommon presenting and differentiating examples.

Learning objectives:
Gain knowledge of basic and advanced imaging techniques for assessment of musculoskeletal tumor conditions.
Learn common and uncommon differentiating imaging features of various types of soft tissue and bone tumours.
Learn the role of DECT, colour doppler, T1 and T2 Dixon, DWI and perfusion imaging in musculoskeletal tumor assessment.
Gain knowledge of the role of radiologist in multidisciplinary care in musculoskeletal oncology and oncologic surgery.

Book here: https://academy.telemedicineclinic.com/fellowships/3740/bone-and-soft-tissue-tumors-basic-and-advanced-imaging-jun-2024/


3 June 00:00
5 June 00:00
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