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Brain Tumours Imaging online sessions

View Website → 23 October 13:30 - 25 October 17:30 - Virtual Event

Brain tumours are encountered commonly by radiologists who are dealing with General Radiology during their routine real life work up. Sometimes it is easy to establish the right diagnosis, but sometimes it is challenging.

This brain imaging course will cover almost all tumours inside the skull and especially intends to give Radiologists the right tools to make the differential and correct diagnosis of a tumour. Follow-up imaging in glial tumours may also be troublesome in many cases and this topic will be discussed in all aspects to build a guide for all attendees when reporting the follow-up of brain tumour cases.

The advantages of each imaging technique in the differential diagnosis of brain tumours will be presented in detail. The case discussions will help attendees to understand how to approach brain tumour cases and will improve their skills for the future when reporting real –life daily cases. The case discussions will include some common and uncommon cases, but each one of them will have a message for the attendees in order to help them improve their experience on brain tumour imaging.


23 October 13:30
25 October 17:30
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