Welcome to FOMOHub – Avoid the Fear Of Missing Out on conferences, courses and webinars.

This site works to connect all healthcare professionals with educational opportunities, taking place face-to-face or virtually, using a filter function to find events relevant to their interests. We want to encourage learning across all job roles and hope users span community, primary, secondary and tertiary care and range from undergraduate to retirement!

We would like event organisers to continue to share their events on this platform and encourage other organisers and attendees to use it. We believe that, while ambitious, this site could become the single place to list and find educational events, and the more awareness there is of it, the more value it brings to the healthcare community as a whole.

Content on this site reflects that already available publicly on organisers’ own pages and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information or the quality of the event. We want to ensure that events that are posted are genuine training opportunities and do not represent any conflict of interests with healthcare professional bodies. If you feel that an event is not suitable and should be reviewed, please e-mail us through the link at the bottom of the event page.

Please let us know your thoughts and any suggestions or issues via the Feedback page/e-mail admin@fomohub.org


Why are you making this site?

Currently, finding out about medical education events is dependent on social media, word of mouth, mailing lists, or manually searching through multiple different websites. There are many challenges to this, from emails not getting forwarded on to not being on social media at the right time. Ultimately, this leads to difficulties in finding events relevant to training needs, arranging study leave and missed opportunities to expand clinical knowledge.

The Coronavirus pandemic led to many in-person events being cancelled, missed opportunities, and has left many feeling a need to catch up. We want to help make events as accessible as possible by being able to find them all in one place. We hope that this site can make that process easier and have tried to design it with users’ needs in mind, to be able to search from the very broad “all events” through to very specific subspecialty-level.

Are there any specific criteria for what will be accepted/rejected?

We will accept events that are:

  • Open to attendees nationally – Those for attendees only from a specific region should be advertised locally
  • Relevant to Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine or no specific clinical specialty– We hope to expand to include other specialties in the future
  • Relevant to the healthcare system, guidelines and curricula of healthcare professionals working in the United Kingdom

We will NOT accept events that:

  • Could cause conflict-of-interest with healthcare professionals in line with professional bodies– for example, events sponsored by formula milk companies
  • Are life support courses (APLS, ALS, ATLS etc)– though this is an area we look to expand to in the future
Why can’t I filter by price?

Some events will have a range of ticket prices dependent on job role or the number of days attended so it is not possible to only have one “price” field to be able to search by. All listings should have the cost visible in the event’s description

What about other specialties and functions?

We hope to expand to include all clinical specialties, and include a repository of wider development resources of podcasts, blogs, interest groups and clinical fellowship jobs which can also be filtered in similar ways to the calendar.

Keen to be involved?

As the site grows and we look to expand across other specialties and functions, we need a bigger team to help the site evolve. If you are interested in being involved, with no particular skills or experience needed (just enthusiasm!), please e-mail admin@fomohub.org